TIME LA is an artistry brand created by SoCal Makeup Artist and CEO Ashley Wagner in 2012 while she was in college. Originally, the brand started off as a clothing line featuring makeup-related catch phrases, and was popular among many other beauty influencers & beauty enthusiasts for several years. Overtime, Ashley has built up 12+ years of experience and knowledge in understanding different types of products in the makeup industry. Early on in her career as a brand owner, she decided to utilize her knowledge and expertise to start her own line of cosmetics.
 The idea initially sparked after receiving multiple questions from her clients about what lip color to use for touching up, after having their makeup done by her. With this in mind, Ashley decided to create her best selling, custom-formulated, Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick so that she could gift her makeup clients a lipstick after every application so they wouldn't have to worry about what lip color to touch up with. Her goal is not only to create a flawless makeup application every single time, but also leave her clients with something tangible they can use long after their appointment has ended, so they can have a piece of that glam every day! 
In addition to being a professional Makeup Artist, Ashley has also spent many years growing her social media platforms from scratch. Since the birth of Instagram, Ashley has shared her work on social media and organically grown her personal Instagram page to over 200k+ followers, a YouTube channel that she grew to 100k+ subscribers, and her brand’s Instagram page to 100k+ followers. 
In 2019 Ashley brought her SoCal artistry style to Phoenix, AZ where she has quickly grown her clientele. After many years of experience in growing her social media platforms and running all aspects of her own brand, she became an aid to other brands and businesses by offering her skillset in brand photography and video, in addition to her makeup artistry and brand. 
In 2022, she was voted Arizona’s Best Makeup Artist by Soelish Magazine and hopes to continue to display that title throughout her work. By naming her brand "TIME", she hopes to spread the message that, "life shouldn't be spent dreaming because TIME is limited, so do what you love”, as she has done.
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